The Massage Stick

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This Massage Stick wraps around and compresses muscles while rolling to increase circulation, speed up recovery & improve mobility 

This Massage Stick is a great multi-functional handheld foam roller which is designed to be used while seated or standing to roll, release, and relieve minor aches and pains. The thin and manageable size makes this perfect for packing and taking with you in your kit bag or simply to the office. Its three-dimensional surface allows muscle tissue to aerate as the user rolls key muscle areas across it. This will promote the flow of oxygen and blood which are the key nutrients needed to promote muscle repair. The Massage Sticks handles not only make the Massage Stick easy to manage but they can also be used to offer direct pressure to key areas to increase relief.

  • Packable In Size - Easy for transporting to the gym, office or home.
  • Three-Dimensional Surface - Promotes the flow of blood and oxygen.

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