780ml Sports Water Bottle

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780ml Sports Water Bottle

Great as an outdoor cycling water bottle  made from an aluminium alloy, which useful as a water drink ware for camping.


Made of aluminium alloy material, being irradiated by sunlight will not change the taste of water.
Corrosion resistance, light weight and easy to clean.

It can effectively resist the corrosion of fruit acid, alcohol and other corrosive liquids in the beverage.
Convenient to use and carry, suitable for travel and outdoor use
Non-toxic, no oder, low density, good tolerance. Perfect size. Not too big, not too small.


Item Name: Water Bottle.
Material: Aluminium Alloy.
Capacity: 750ml.
Features: Portable, Corrosion Resistance, Sift-proof, Easy to Clean.
Diameter: 7cm(Approx.).
Height: 26cm(Approx.).


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