Air Compression Leg Foot Massager Vibration Infrared Therapy

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Air Wraps 2 Modes 2 Temp Promote Blood Relax

What is the air compression foot & leg massager ?
The air compression foot & leg massager, a home massager which
uses the air bags to Pressurize and massage. Pressing the switch after
wrapped the strap around the feet and legs, the air bags will be inflated
and press the feet and legs.

How many times can be used per day?
once time per day ( 1 0 minutes per section) If using several times one day, please control t he total time less than 10 minutes.

Can it be massaging another parts besides leg and foot ?
Only leg and feet.

What size foot and leg can be used
foot size : approximately 7.875 inch – 11 inch
leg size: approximately 10.63 inch – 18.9 inch

Massage intensity too strong…. / intensity too weak …..
Adjustable velcro or adjust puttee method
Too strong --- adjust Velcro or puttee to be loose.
Too weak --- adjust Velcro or puttee to be tight
Foot and calf intensity too weak,
Please try to use foot gasket and calf gasket

Puttee air residual …..
Puttee ( airbag) has too much air inside, it needs few minutes to release air.
Please pull air outlet out, it can be release automatically.

When you can not use this device
Have a fever
Pregnant or postpartum
Severe poor circulation of blood

Air Compression foot description
Output : DC 12V / 2A.
Current : 0.8 - 2.0A.
Turn off sleep : 15UA.
Timer : 10 minutes.
Three levels strength : weak, medium, strong.
Two levels warm : low, high.
Six Programs : automatic, kneading, massage, relax, calf focus, foot focus.
Massage position : foot center (Sole heart), bare foot (Foot root), foot sole (Small
Hot compress position : foot center (Sole heart).

 Three-button operation : program, warm, off / intensity.
A, Program : automatic, massage, knead, relax, calf focus, foot focus.
B, Warmth : low, high, off .
C, Off / Massage Intensity : long press to turn on / off, short press to choose.
massage intensity including weak, medium, strong.
9, All LEDs are on for 1 second When it starts.



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