Hydration Belt with or without 750ml Water Bottle

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Carry your essential items without any worries or compromising any comfort with this Hip Belt and 750ml water bottle  

Easily adjustable and padded, fitting the belt to the perfect position is quick and easy. This Hip belt ensures that it is breathable whilst also feeling soft and gentle on the skin.

Designed for endurance athletes, the pack area has multiple pockets which vary in size. This means that you can carry all of your essential items like a water bottle for staying hydrated, food and emergency medical supplies and money or keys in a secure and safe environment. Made with durability in mind, the material is able to withstand damage from wear and abrasions.

  • Easily Adjustable - Finding the perfect fit is easily achieved.
  • Perforated Foam - Breathable and gentle on the skin to keep it cool and comfortable.
  • Multiple Pockets - Pockets that vary in size for safe storage.
  • Durable Material - The tough material is abrasion resistant.


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