Elastic Compression Leg Sleeve Calf Guard Men Women

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Compression Leg Sleeve

Calf protection
Comfortable and breathable fabric: Use polyester stretch  fabric, which has good perspiration wicking effect, comfortable and breathable;
Silicone anti-slip strip: The beam mouth is made of anti-slip silicone, which is comfortable and prevents falling off;
Firm printing: Environmentally friendly printing, not easy to oxidize and fall off;
Multi-color options: Pressure protection, elastic and breathable, multi-color options;
Muscle compression: Wrap and support the sports muscles to prevent muscles from

Product Feature:

Size: M, L, XL
Color: black, white, fluorescent green, red, blue, orange, rose red
Material: 85% polyester 15% spandex
Whether non-slip: catchy silicone non-slip

Size Chart:
Size      Length       Upper mouth circumference              Lower mouth circumference          
M         29cm               26cm-32cm                                      16cm-19cm                          
L          30cm               28cm-34cm                                      18cm-21cm                          
XL       31cm                30cm-39cm                                       20cm-23cm                          


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