Men Waist Trainer

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Vest Fitness  Abdomen Corset

Men Sauna Sweat Vest: SWEAT THREE TIMES MORE Lightweight durable sweat neoprene fabric tones core by increasing thermal temperature and calorie burn to enhance your workout performance.

This waist trainer vest will stimulate sweating around your abdomen and lower back area, accelerate the belly fat burning process and help you lose water weight to shape and reduce the waist and abdomen, and get a strong core and really great abs! Waist Trainer+ Sauna Suit Vest for Men: Full and Double Coverage for the tummy, providing DOUBLE compression and FIRM 360°tummy control to tighten and shape the waist and abdomen,more calories burned, more sweat comes, makes the abdomen effect more obvious.

It is a greater enhancer to help you with your goals! Back Support Compression top: This sauna vest can also offer you lumbar support. The waist trainer vest can also improve posture by providing adequate compression for the lower back and muscles. It is the best fitness equipment for all kinds of exercises in the gym to prevent fatigue and injury during exercise. Weight Vest for training:

Great for back support, power lifting, boxing, cardio and everyday wear. Easy to wear and take off. Neoprene material absorbs sweat while increasing body temperature, so you're always dry and fresh on the outside. The men's sauna tank top can be worn under your regular shirts which helps you reach your fitness goals faster and easier.


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