Air Compression Leg Massager Wraps

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6 Chambers With LCD For Foot Calf Massage Recovery

Super Quiet Compressor
The noise is a nightmare for most of patients. This unit is designed with super quiet compressor. So it can release even power but with lowest sound. The body feels more easy and comfortable.

Super quiet compressor: international quality compressor, excellently quiet.
Time setting function: time setting for massaging from 0-60 minutes.
Adjustable pressure: Adjustable pressure as user's wish.
Multi Use for LEG & Feet Massaging

The unit can massage the leg acucpoints and relax the leg muscles, promote blood circulation, and ease the leg fatigue maximumly.Arm massaging, spread shoulder and wrist

The unit can massage arm, hand, and wrist because of it super long design; Air pressure rolling massaging is a very needed help in your life.Perfect Cutting
Concise PU surface, smooth zipper, and harmonic symmetry give a perfect visual sense.

Pressure :30mmHg-260mmHg adjustable


The air wave massager consists of 6 air bags. In turn, it is inflated and deflated by the timing cycle of ,5,6 air bag. It constantly changes the pressure point to the limb. It periodically inflates the air bags of the extremities to promote venous return. Treatment for preventing venous thrombosis.

The air wave massager is inflated through a multi-cavity, and has a rhythmic aerated inflation and squeezing. Deflating. Forms a cyclical pressure on the limb.. Arrives to promote
venous return. Strengthens arterial perfusion. Improves blood and lymph circulation. Prevents venous thrombosis Eliminate edema and promote healing treatment. It can not move for the limbs and has better quality effect.

Presso therapy is especially recommended for the treatment of cellulite. It is a safe alternative to liposuction. It is recommended to shape and reshape the body. Relieves pain and inflammation, and provides immediate comfort. Redefines legs, stomach, and arms while improving skin tone.


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